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At SIR Inc. we’re not just a great stucco company.  We’re partners committed to adding value to your home.



Stucco Inspection & Repair Inc. (SIR Inc.) was established and incorporated in 1998.  We are the oldest and largest stucco company in southeast United States.  Our offices have always been located in Johns Creek, GA and we have full time employees in our office so you can always reach us and talk to us. 

Our Invention

The concept of providing a peace of mind when buying a house with stucco (EIFS/ Hard Coat / Hybrid) cladding was invented by SIR in 1998 and ever since we have provided our SMG Protection Plan for tens of thousands of homes throughout Southeast.  In fact as of end of 2018, we have had over 34,000 homes inspected and serviced. We have had 15,000 homes protected against moisture.  

Our Referrals

Referrals are important to SIR Inc. 90% of our business derives from agent referrals. We have been referred by well over 3000 agents and most of these real estate agents depend on us to provide fast, accurate, and cost effective services to their clients as most of our new customers are in mist of a closing or due diligent deadline. 

Our Staff

We can do all this with so many clients in hand because we have multiple full time staff in our office that are dedicated to help you meet your aggressive deadlines. Because 90% of our business comes from referrals, one must conclude that we are doing something right.  And while we do many things right, most importantly we treat you right, by guarantee our prices to be the lowest you can find, our services to be the best in class, our protection plan to be second to none.

Our Profesialism

You will notice a difference between SIR Inc. than all your previous experiences with construction companies from the very first moment you call us because you will be talking to a professional in an office rather than the construction dude seating in his truck answering your call while driving to his next appointment. 

Our Appreciation

We appreciate you for taking the time and visiting our web site and look forward to welcome you to our family of customers.  Give us a call at 770-232-9062 and start experiencing the difference. 

Thank you for choosing SIR Inc. for all your stucco needs.

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