SMG Protecton Plan was invented by SIR Inc. in 1998. It has been providing peace of mind for stucco home owners across the southeast. The SMG Protection Plan covers your property against water intrusion through your EIFS or Hard coat cladding system.  It provides repair (free of charge) of your home, including any framing damages, that was caused by moisture intrusion through the cladding system. 

Every dollar saved in spending on preparing your home is crucial. SIR SMG Protection Plan cost as low as $305 dollars per year, which includes the cost of one stucco inspection annually.  We hear people have paid as much as $895 dollars for the same size home from our competitors.  Now that is a huge difference!  In addition, our competition asks your home to be inspected by their “certified” inspectors.  You can be sure that the “certified” inspector will issue you a report with lots of findings and in a few days you will get an estimate for those repairs from another “certified” contractor.  Now, in our business we have seen many of those estimates and inspection reports, as many real estate agents and home owners do shop around for the best value for their money.  

SIR has been in business here in Duluth, GA since 1998.  We have provided services to over 34,000 homes and have performed well over 20,000 stucco inspections.  While other contractors have come and gone, we have evolved into the largest and most respected Stucco Inspection and Repair Company in southeast. 

SIR Inc. guarantees its repair prices to be the lowest in your area.  Just fax or email us the “certified” contractor repair pricing and we will meet that price and give you a 5% cash back on top of it.  In addition if you don’t want to pay those outrageous prices for a warranty, we can help you with that as well.

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