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Here at SIR, we are proud of our integrity, workmanship, professionalism, and quality of our work.  That is why we take our inspection business very seriously.  Once your home is under our SMG program, we will be inspecting your home on an annual basis.  We do this so that if there are any areas of concerns, it can be detected and addresses right away. There are times that we find issues, such as elevated moisture behind your stucco cladding system.  When we discover elevated moisture levels, we face the issue head on.

In this section, we are providing a list of homes that exhibit high level of moisture during the annual moisture test.  These homes are under the SIR SMG coverage and as such the homeowners did not have to pay for costly removal of stucco, re-framing the house, and applying new stucco in the effected area. 

Table below lists the homes and homeowners that benefited from SIR SMG coverage and enjoyed the peace of mind that SIR SMG brought to them.  The issues were discovered by SIR Inspection division during the annual inspection of the house under the SIR SMG program.  The potential cost represents the out of pocket expense for the home owner if the house was not under SIR SMG program.

No other company provides this kind of coverage and service like we do.  No one!

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