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There is a lot of false advertising in stucco business.  We like to take this opportunity and provide you some facts.

Fact #1: In State of Georgia no company is authorized to sell a Bond or surety Bond for stucco cladding system.  

Fact #3: One of our out of state competitors claims on their website that their warranty pays fully for framing damages and repairs.  Well, we called the company that underwrites their policy and asked if framing damage was covered if a house was under the warranty program.  To our surprise they said, NO!  They are only responsible for improvement of the sealant or flashing component.

Fact #5: In our 21 years in business we have inspected thousands of homes.  We have not come across a single home that has experienced more than 2 areas of high moisture once the home was retrofitted and brought up to SIR SMG standard.

Fact #2: There is an out of state company that claims they are the only company in Georgia approved to sell moisture warranty.  They even provide a name and a number on their web site, Joe Murphy – GA Insurance office – 404-657-9606.  Well we called Mr. Murphy on May 26th, 2009.  Mr. Murphy said, “…that is false advertising. and that they should not be saying this.”

Fact #4: Some companies advertise $10,000 to $30,000 warranty programs.  Our first reaction was that they pay a home owner up to $10,000 dollars if a claim is made and approved.  So we called their underwriter and found out that the policy even though is $10,000 dollars per year policy, it only pays a maximum of $250 dollars per area.  Now if your house has 40 different areas with high moisture levels, then you have 40 times $250.00 dollars and that is how they came up with $10,000 coverage.  DO YOU THINK YOUR HOUSE WILL HAVE 40 AREAS OF HIGH MOISTURE IN A SINGLE YEAR?!

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