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Mandatory Fixes After the Home Inspection

Selling a home is not an easy thing, especially when it has aged and has multiple issues. An home inspector in Atlanta GA files a complete report and you’d come to know everything in detail after the visit. Later it will be up to you to reach an agreement with the buyer. There are two possible ways to settle for these damages. One you handle the proposed repairs. Second, the cost of repairs would be settled in the purchase cost. The following are the most expected repairs.

Water damage repair

Once the home inspector has done his job you would know what fixes are mandatory after a home inspection. The water and humidity are probably the worst structural enemy. Most of the structural issues are related to water. Get the water leaks and mold problem under control if you truly want to profit from the deal.

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Pest infestation

Pest infestation is one of the most common and annoying issues that you might face. Even if you handle it now it probably will reappear after some time. In any case, you must do your part to sell your home at a good price. If the inspector has noticed the infestation, then it means you need to hire professional pest control.

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Basic structural damages

The house inspections in Atlanta GA suggests that structural issues are critical to be addressed. The value of your property can be reduced dramatically if the buyer finds out that the structure has been damaged. People are mostly concerned about the roof and the foundations because a solid structure is based on a strong foundation and roof and they both can be severely damaged with excessive humidity.

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Drainage issues

The drainage system of a home is responsible for transporting the wastewater out of your home. So, it has to be in perfect condition. An unnoticed issue with the drainage can make the stability of the structure really questionable. It may include the problems with a gutter or the wastewater pipes underground. The gutters can be handled easily but the pipes under the ground can’t be repaired without professional aid.

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Broken appliances

The appliances are the soul of any home, whether it is a room or kitchen, the appliances help keep things smoother and faster. The appliances must be in a good condition regardless of the inspection. If you can’t do the maintenance yourself, then hire someone to do it.

The sale and purchase decisions and conditions are quite complex that put unnecessary load on your nerves. Mutual collaboration is required to maintain goodwill. Since the seller has higher stakes in the deal hence the seller must be willing to show flexibility to close a good deal in a good way. By making habits of regular annual repairs will keep your home in the best presentable condition all the time.

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