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What To Look For In A Home Inspection?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

People often ask when to move out of your parent’s house and when you start saving to buy their own house or apartment? Well, there is no such clear answer. But the thing you need to pay attention to is ‘your need.’ Renting an apartment, flat, penthouse, or any other communal sharing requires monthly expenses. On top, you have to pay the utility bills too. Comparatively to this, having your place minimizes such abrupt expanses. However, if you decide to buy a house, make sure you get it thoroughly inspected.

home inspector Marietta GA
Home Inspector in Marietta GA

Tips to select the right home inspection contractor

#1: Business Information and Certification. Do you know that single negligence can lessen your chances to get the insurance? Such this includes not checking the ID of the inspector, skipped the business credential verification, not checking the license of the inspector. Thus, it is advised to hire a house inspector who had a transparent and clean record. For this, you can consult the national business repositories, internet business listing like Home Advisor, Better Busines Bureau, Google listing, etc.

#2: Service Estimate. Hold on, did you know that most of the verbal estimate given by the contractor are changed once the services are completed? Therefore, whenever you visit or interview a home inspector, make sure you get a written estimate of their services. Besides this, most of the seasoned home inspection in Marietta GA also provides a pamphlet that mentions all the services and packages offered by the contractor.

#3: Select Home Inspection Services Carefully. If you don’t know the services that are usually offered by the contractors then let me explain. The most common service offered by the home inspector in Marietta GA is full house inspection services. These services include mold inspection, floor and roof inspection, foundation and structural inspection, sewerage, electrical and plumbing inspection, etc. for these comprehensive services they often charge a reasonable amount. However, some local contractors also offer single services. It entirely depends on the client what they want from the home inspector.

#4: Look into the website, social media, and online business listing. The next step after selecting the home inspector is to check the customer responses. These responses are often in the form of ratings or comments. Besides this, you can also ask the inspector to provide at least 3 recent testimonials and reports. Afterward, you can either visit or call the past clients to ask about inspectors’ service and report credibility.

#5: Ask for the report time. The average inspection report estimated time is between 1 to 5 days. However, you can also hire an inspector who provides 24 hours of report services. This way you can save a lot of time.

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